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You can find all my videos on my social media channels, youtube, facebook, twitter but  I also wanted to put them all together on my website for convenience. 

Who am I?

Our Public Services

This short video tell you a little about me and my views on how we should be running our country. We need to start planning for our future and ensure that our country can still work for our next generation
Effective and efficient work practices develop in a good working environment. To achieve this I am proposing a new way of working for our public services. I am confident these innovations will improve working conditions and produce a very efficient and cost affective public service. 

We must embrace the future and all the changes it will bring, but we must prepare ourselves for it by having a public service that shouts out, we value society!

First live FB AMA

Footage from my first live AMA on Facebook. I will be live every Friday night up until the election in Ireland


Our energy requirements into the future must be planned for now. I outline my plans and what I would support in this regard. We can become the Green Battery of Europe.



​Housing is a very special issue, it’s more than just a place to live; it’s a place where people feel secure in making informed decisions which ultimately shape our society.

Every citizen of Ireland has the right to self-determination, but thoughts of losing one’s house interfere with this right (by design?) My proposal eliminates this concern and allows not only for greater determination but a more inclusive society!
If we are going to take Global warming seriously & start tackling it, we must talk about our future transportation needs. We must must also, as ever, talk about how we might fund its development. 

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