My Views


This is how we finish with learned helplessness, serfdom and develop our leaders.
The paradigm shift to modular methodology and continuous assessment for students
and teachers alike is what’s needed.
  1. The classroom is where we begin to push the boundaries and initiate the drive for new discoveries.
  2. Continuous assessment for our teachers and tutors is a must in conjunction with the continuous assessment for our students of all ages.
  3. I want computer code writing taught at the same time as ABC in a child’s life.
  4. I want a recognized frequency in parent/teacher meetings with more meetings when children are younger.
  5. I want educational facilities open to the public after school times.
  6. I want psychology introduced at the earliest juncture in a child’s educational life.
  7. I want to see teachers improving and moving within the system, not being in the same position for any longer than 5 years.

The future will be technologically driven and I want our coming generations to have the opportunity to embrace it with knowledge and knowhow and not be waiting for anyone to show them. We must create an atmosphere where our students, and their parents, understand that education is their friend for life and not somewhere they have to go.   


Only the products of agriculture can be exported, not the jobs.

People in Ireland are worried about job creation focusing on our Cities; I believe we can move significant numbers of sustainable jobs to rural parts by concentrating on the backbone of our indigenous industry, agriculture. We can produce excellent products from our agriculture; I want a better marketing approach!

I want to bring the investor and the farmer together.

One example;
Wine, its provenance, its allure, and its association with wealth, is frequently discussed at the dinner table all over the world, because of the market penetration abilities of the wine producing companies.
I want the topic of conversation, at the same dinner tables of the world to be about specific Irish farm produce. Like we see today with wine, diners trying to identify the grape, the country of origin, the specific vineyards: I want the diner conversation to be around the identification of the specific Irish farms producing the food on the table. What farm did this marbled beef come from; what is the provenance of this particular cheese? If this can be achieved for wine, it can be done for all of our excellent farm produce.
Premium foods carry premium margins and well paid jobs.

When one considers this proposal, one quickly identifies the opportunity to build real wealth and distribution of employment opportunities in every county around the country.


We cannot expect other people to build our personal wealth for us.

If we have learned anything in the last 10 years in this country it is the value of our guarantee. This must now be utilized to our advantage.
  1. I want to stop repaying loans that are not ours.
  2. I want the interest already paid, returned immediately.
  3. I want people to understand their intrinsic value to industry.
  4. All Government projects can and must be funded with zero interest finance.
  5. I want to abolish the mandatory minimum wage.
  6. I want to end all subsidies and grants.

In Ireland today we are instructed from Europe but must utilize our specific economy without total control.
I want to see Ireland back in charge of its own economy and I don’t see anything wrong with this sentiment.


Emerald energy speaks for itself.

My points for my energy policy: A Public Private Partnership Agreement.
  1. I want a reliable source of clean, dependable and sustainable energy as our national system.
  2. As part of the national development energy plan, I want to create a wind driven turbine system. Built into specially designed sectioned grid along our coastlines. I want to establish a grid system along our coastlines for energy producing wave units, secured between the pylons for the wind turbines. New coral can be nourished along the seabed between the pylon anchors.
  3. I want venturi designed wind turbine tunnels positioned within our mountains. The tunnel design would ensure wind velocity for the turbines
  4. I want to encourage people to install their own photovoltaic type domestic source in their homes where excess is taken by the national grid.
  5. I want to offer our citizens the opportunity to invest in building of this system with electrical units as the return on their investment.
  6. I will encourage farmers that want to grow energy conversion plants.

We can produce a clean electrical energy source that is reliable and cost effective.
We can achieve this and employ significant numbers, starting with design and environmental impact studies.
We can become the ‘Green Battery’ of Europe.


Access to good housing is vital to any functioning society.
It is a vital part of personal wealth and its value should be utilized.

People are much more productive when they don’t have stress in their lives. One of the main stressors’ is not having a place to live. That stress can be alleviated when one is secure in the knowledge that they can acquire a home that no one can take away from them.
Understanding the value in housing, as an asset class, is vital to solving the housing problem.

I will outline my main points and discuss funding methodologies:
  1. Housing problem can be resolved by Gov giving interest free loans against the forfeiture of one’s old age pension. Interest paid by Gov, capital sum borrowed repaid by mortgagee but in return for this, no old age pension entitlement. Everyone has equity now! Value in house is retirement fund and can be negotiated with fund manager for monthly payments against equity. Retirement age is now also negotiated? Amount set and if house costs more, people can make up the difference themselves.
  2. Tenders issued for construction.
  3. If people want to use private financial companies for their respective mortgages, like banks and building societies, they can.
  4. The Government Funded houses will look the same.
  5. Repayment arrangements due to loss of employment will be agreed.

Housing paid for under these proposals means we all have equity in building the wealth of the nation and may allow for the option of a stay at home parent which will assist in the calming of another of society’s problem: anti social behavior.

Justice & Defense

​The workings of justice must be seen in action at the highest level in this country.

There is a cost effective answer to putting the required numbers of Gardaí back on our streets and that’s a flexible force. A well equipped, modern, combination force of our military and An Garda Siochána. A program of continuous assessment and improvement would produce a very affective deterrent to all crime. This system would allow for the recruitment of very specialized professionally train personnel to fight white-collar crime. We could equip them with the very latest technology to do their job.

  1. We must recognize that the country must adapt new methodologies to fight crime, such as tagging.
  2. I want to see a trained sniffer dog at every pub and Hotel to fight the drug epidemic.
  3. I want random testing for drugs and Alcohol during working hours on all our public servants: Judges, Gardai, Dept officials..etc.
  4. I want to introduce a points system for pubs where drugs have been found and under aged served; when a certain number of points accumulate, the licence is lost forever!

The cost associated with this innovation would be negligible when compared to a relatively stress free and more productive population.

Social Welfare

​Learned helplessness destroys communities.

The focus here is on a number of sub headings’
  1. Job seekers’ allowances.
  2. Subsidies and allowances.
  3. Further Adult Education.
  4. Children’s allowance.

I would ask that recognition be given to the fact that all the money afforded to the unemployed is spent. Over a period of time this money finds its’ way back to the Government through various taxes. This actually means that job seekers’ allowances are just interest free loans.
I want children’s allowance to be assessed for need.
Job seekers should be retrained in an, ‘on the job environment’ paid in tax credits and those credits sold to major companies.

No more idleness!

Tax credits can be given against future earnings for those who return to education and succeed in attaining the instructed levels. This is prosperity in action.
All of the above have to be measured for returns to Government accounts.
Whatever gets measured, gets improved.  


​The future is electric.
We are in a Global economy!
  1. I want to de-regulate vehicle insurance business, allowing people to get their insurance in any country.
  2. I want to see an electric rail network, for public and commercial transport, installed throughout the country.
  3. I want to see significant investment into a new midlands airport.
  4. Our policy should be a green intention. This would reduce the need for trucks to clog our motorways.
  5. I want the light rail “Luas” system extended to all our cities.
  6. I want insurance for people who are under 25 years old to be set at similar rate to that of their 35 year old colleagues.